China factory for Piston  2004 dodge ram 1500 drive shaft   Houston United States  Piston Ring Cylinder Liner for Foton Light Trucks with ce certificate top quality low price

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The star tube is appropriate for purposes with higher torque peaks that could be dangerous to the other tube designs. The star tube with 6 make contact with factors is also the chosen decision when transmissions exceed 1600mm in length and when the velocity is one thousand rpm. AG collection with splined tube The splined tube is proposed for quite brief PTO shafts. The splined telescopic shaft allows bushing and splined couplings of only one hundred-120mm. The proportions of the cross joints differ from 22mm diameter up to 48mm diameter and enable power transmission of up to 250HP. After the PTO has started to power the attachment, steadily boost the throttle until finally you reach the running pace. The typical working RPM (revolutions for each moment) for a tractor mounted PTO is 540 RPM, though there are tractor designs that rev increased. Always refer to your distinct tractor design for guidelines prior to 1st-time use. pto shaft extension pto shaft areas for sale tractor pto shaft duration ford 4000 tractor pto shaft removal pto shaft guard removal kubota pto shaft measurement john deere pto shafts kubota pto shafts 2006 dodge ram 2500 rear drive shaft agri provide pto shaft Jinan East World Worldwide trade Co.,LTD

Foton mild truck piston cylinder liner kits for motor parts

We have all kind of light truck engine repaire kits for  N485DI YN4102QB,BJ493,CY4102,YSD490Q, BJ1049,BJ1043,CY4100Q … ECT.

PLS send your inquiry to us, if you have any wants for over enigne areas.

one Автобус Антурас   CY4102BZQ 4102BZ-37A.08.100 
two foton BJ1043V8JE6-5 CY4100Q-1A   
three foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q  1104313100004A
four foton BJ1043V8JE6-five CY4100Q-1A   
five foton BJ1043V8JE6-five CY4100Q-1A  1104629500
six foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A  4100QA-005-08
7 DF EQ1074T5AD-666/907 4BTAA  1608N-001
eight foton BJ1043V8JE6-four CY4100Q-1A  4102Q-5A.21.30         
nine foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A  4102B.03.01C
10 DF EQ1044G80D3-985 YN4102QB  4102QB-05-006
eleven DF EQ1044G80D3-985 YN4102QB  4102QBZ-
twelve foton BJ1046V8JB5-2 YSD 490Q-23 XL36Z
13 DF EQ1062DJ04 CY4102BZLQ-1A   
14 foton BJ1049  V=two.eight BJ 493 Q  4JB1  
fifteen foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A   
sixteen foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A  DLLA154S254
17 foton BJ1049  V=2.8 BJ 493 Q  4JB1 1104922000003
18 foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q
19 foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q
twenty foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q
21 foton BJ1049 BJ493Q BJ493Q
22 foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A 1043E1300004
23 foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A 1043E1300004
24 foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A  1102917200008
25 foton BJ1049  V=two.eight BJ 493 Q eight-94247867-1
26 foton BJ1043V8JE6-4 CY4100Q-1A 1B17307170402
27 foton BJ1043V8JE6-four CY4100Q-1A 1B17307170401
28 FAW 1051   CAS538A5K1
29 foton BJ1043V8JE6-5 CY4100Q-1A  1104629500
thirty foton BJ1043V8JE6-5 CY4100Q-1A   
31 Isuzu 700P/ 4HF1   8-97253615-D
32 Isuzu NHR NKR NJ-VE 4/11F1900LNJ03 8-94361683-NJJ
33 Isuzu NKR  4JB1   8-97032166-9  (8970321660)
34       Confirmed shortage from buy 23
35 foton BJ1043V8JE6-three CY4100Q-1A  986911K3
37 JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    1001025-d1
38 JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    1001010-15a2
39 JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    1601210-D2
forty JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    Q5005080
forty one JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    S3502390B92A
42 JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    S3502391B92A
forty three JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K      1602130-7R
forty four JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    2201030-1h 
forty five JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K      S1307010-Е111 
46 JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      3003055-8Е
47 JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      3003060-8Е
48 JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      3523010В8Е
forty nine JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K      ХD1604ZB-010
50 JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    3003061
51 JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-eighteen-117K    3003060
52 JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    2912471-03
53 JIEFANG CA6102D92-1 BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    2902481-03
54 JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    K3001046-01
fifty five JIEFANG CA6102D92-one BUS     CA6DE2-18-117K    2912471-thirteen

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Jinan East Entire world Intercontinental Trade Co.,Ltd is a professional truck spare elements and design device components supplier in China. All staffs have over ten-years knowledge on truck parts business and cooperation with oversea companies a lot of several years make us skilled in global trade also.
 At current, we can provide high good quality spare components for HOWO(SINOTRUK), HONGYAN(GENLYON), SHACMAN, FOTON(AUMAN),YUEJIN, FAW(jiefang) ,JAC, SHANTUI, XCMG, XGMA, LIUGONG,LINGONG And so forth.
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China factory for Piston  2004 dodge ram 1500 drive shaft   Houston United States  Piston Ring Cylinder Liner for Foton Light Trucks with ce certificate top quality low price