Water  made in China - replacement parts -   3 point tiller gearbox   Kumasi Ghana   Tanker Truck with Pesticide Sprayer 80m  with ce certificate top quality low price

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Water Tanker Truck with Pesticide Sprayer 80m (Water Bowser ,Fog Cannon ,Dust -Pest-Fire Fighting ,Emergency Generator)

Dust Suppression Truck Pesticide Sprayer Truck

  Dust control  Water Truck 6000 ~10000Litres disinfection Disinfection Tanker 
mounted Canon Mist blower  Spray Machine   

Multi Fuction Vehical Spray Mist Fog Cannon

  • Pesticide Spray
  • Mine Dust Suppression
  • Water Sprinkle / Water Transport/ Wash Road
  • Fire Fighting
  • Disinfection Sterilization,EpidemicPrevention
  • Emergence Electric Power Supply


 Water Mist Cannon Trucks water/   oil tanker truck  Customization, Cost and Control Built How You Want it, at a Price You Can Afford. 

Multi-functional Water Sprinkler Dust Suppression Truck dust control truck  with Emergency Power Supply Vehicle ,sterilization spray , sterilization spray machine , disinfection sterilization spray machine ,disinfectant tanker,virus desinfection trucks

Specifications of 40-60m Disinfection Vehicle


40-80m Disinfection Vehicle

Chassis brand & Year

Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng, 2571 new

Wheel Drive

4×2, LHD or RHD 4×4 offroad

Overall Dimension


Gross Weight


Curb Weight



Cumins 190HP Eruo 3 6-cly 5.9L diesel engine




6+1, 10.00-20 tires


ept classical cab, 3 seats, with a 1/2 sleeper bed


Manual, 8 front gears and 1 rear gear


Full Air brake

Max Speed


Fog Cannon Parameters

Brand & Model


Spray Range

0~80 meters

Cover Area


Fan Machine Power

37 kW

Fan Air Wind Capacity

127,500 m3/h

Air Pressure

3,106 Pa

Equipped Power

120 kW(6-cylinder)

Water Pump Power

15 kW

Water Pump Type

Single centrifugal pump Multistage centrifugal pump

Water Pump Flowrate


Water Ring

Double stainless steel waer ring

Spraying Nozzle No.


Rotation Motor

0.4 kW

Rotation Angle


Vertical Angle

-5° ~ 45°

Hydraulic Motor

3 kW

Control Method

Manual/wirelss remote control/auto-control

Wireless Remote Control Range

Within 300m

Watering System

Tank Volume



Carbon steel, 6mm thickness

Front spraying pipe


Rear spraying


Water suction depth


Water shooting valve


Dust suppressing vehicle is a special vehicle that can control dust pollution by spraying dust suppressing agent and other spraying liquid. It is mainly used in places with high dust occurrence. In the structure, the dust suppression vehicle is composed of the swinging arm type spraying device, the liquid storage tank, the self-propelled vehicle and the control system.

One vehicle with multiple functions: high-pressure spray, dust suppressing, cooling, sprinkling, drug spray, degassing, insecticide, emergency supply or fire protection.  

Remote spray system can spray dust in the square & port, or adjust the air humidity; It can also prevent diseases by spraying air disinfectant in large landfills and in cities or towns after natural disasters. It can also be used in mining, demolition site, coal, steel and other places for dust suppressing and cooling; Also forest, fruit trees, grasslands, farms, gardens, urban green belt and other insecticides.

In case of emergency, the generator set can be used as an emergency generator.


Chassis model


Chassis manufacturer

ept Motor Co., Ltd.

Engine manufacturer

ept Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd

Tank material

carbon steel

Emission standard

Euro III

Tyre No.


Tyre specification


Spray machine Horizontal range


Spray machine model


Wheelbase (mm)


auxiliary power Generator set (KW)


Air volume ( cbm / min )


Tank of dust control suppression truck
The tank is made of high quality carbon steel plate, the thicknes howse brush hog gearbox near me shop s of the cylinder is 5mm, and the thickness of the head wall is 5mm

1.Strong capability, high & far throw range, wide coverage area.
2.Customizable nozzles achieve precise volume spraying, high efficiency and spray speed.
3.Flexible power: three-phase 380V and diesel generator power supply optional
4.Flexible installation, fixed on the concrete platform or diesel generator-powered veh ept optional.
5.Remove control.Easily adjust the spray angle of horizontal rotation.
6.Compare to tank car, water consumption save 70% ~80%.

1.Environmental protection: City pm2.5/10 dust control, Disinfection  prevention, City Demolition,Odor control at waste disposal & landfill sites,Humidifying, cooling and dust control on ept site, etc.
2.Industry dust suppression:Open pit ept blasting/digging/ load&transport dust , Port material storage yard dust , Wharf Bulk Ships loading&unloading dust, Iron & steel plant stockpile & slag disposal dust, Power plant coal storage yard dust,  Conveyor belt blan ept point dust, Coal mine crushing dust,Haul roads dust,Storage and handling of bulk materials dust, etc.
3.Agriculture protection:The sprayer can used for pest control in agriculture, orchard, garden areas,farmland, forest, road greening, grassland, pasture ,etc.  


Fog cannon



KCS-400/DS-100 KCS-400/DS-80 KCS-400/DS-60 KCS-400/DS-50 KCS-400/DS-40 KCS-1000/DS-35 KCS-500/DS-30
Horizontal range 120M 100M 80M 60M 50M 40M 35M 23M
Flow 110-250L/min 110-180 L/min 60-118 L/min 60-85 L/min 42-52 L/min 25-29 L/min 25-29 L/min 25-29 L/min
Pump pressure 3.0-4.0MPa 2.0-4.0 MPa 2.0-3.5 MPa 2.0-3.5 MPa 1.5-3.5 MPa 1.5-3.5 MPa 1.5-3.5 MPa 1.5-3.5 MPa
The fog particle size 50-300um 50-200um 50-200um 50-200um 50-150um 50-150um 50-150um 50-150um
Wind pressure 1650Pa 1450 Pa 1300 Pa 1080 Pa 1080 Pa 1080 Pa 1080 Pa 1080 Pa
Air volume 4000/min 3050
1800/min 990/min 990/min 990/min 990/min 990/min
Horizontal rotation Angle 360° 360° 359° ±320° -0°~280° 360° 360° 360°
Remote control -10°~55° -10°~55° -10°~55° -10°~55° -10°~55° -10°~90° -10°~90° -10°~90°
Pitch Angle No less than IP55 No less than IP55 No less than IP55 No less than IP55 No less than IP55 No less than IP55 No less than IP55 No less than IP55
Next weight 3300kg 2500kg 1800kg 1200kg 760kg 480kg 300kg 300kg
The control mode Remote control/automatic/remote
Optional Diesel generator set WD 150KW 120KW



50KW 30KW 20KW 15KW 7KW
Overall dimensions L*W(mm) 2800×1600 2600×1800 1500×1000 1500×1000 1250×450 1050×550 1050×550 1050×550
H(mm) 2800 2250 2250 2100 1800 1800 *1700 *1500
Water Tank size suggested Capacity 12000-20000L 10000-20000L 8000-20000L 6000-20000L 5000-20000L 4000-10000L 500-10000L 400-10000L


1.This multi-functional dust suppression vehicle is equipped with independent high pressure and low pressure water circuit system, generator unit is adopted to drive high pressure water pumps and fans and other devices. And low pressure water pump takes power from engine through PTO system & gearbox.

1.A Main part of low pressure water circuit system

Front  spray gun of low pressure water ciruit

Stainless water pump of lower pressure water circuit

Rear spray of lower pressure water circuit

1.B Mian parts of high pressure water circuit system
50kw generator

Hydraulic station
Rear fog cannon

2,Long range sprayer, with artificial intelligence and automatic control adjustment, it can be manual or remote control, very convenient and flexible. The spray can reach a maximum 80m range and cover an area of 20,000 square meters, which can greatly reduce the content of PM2.5 in low altitude. The nozzle of sprayer can be manually adjusted to spray water, 

3.Self-priming centrifugal pump is adopted for lower pressure pump so it can pump water into tank itself from water source nearby. The low pressure water system also have been equipped with front flushing & rear sprinkling devices, and it can realize the function of flushing and sprinkling.

4.  In case of emergency, the generator units can also used as an emergency generator,the generator unit is equipped with 220V AC voltage 380V AC voltage output socket.

5, The internal wall of the water tank is treated with anticorrosion, also stainless steel can be adopted as inner wall. In this case, it can be used for spraying disinfectant and dust suppressant.
6, The low pressure water level sensor alarm system is installed inside the driver’s cabin, which realized centralized control of water and electricity. And the operation is very convenient and flexible. With a good main-machine interface,the driver can complete all the operation inside the cab.It can reduce the labor of the intensity driver. Also it is more safe and comfortable.


The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed replacement parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

Water  made in China - replacement parts -   3 point tiller gearbox   Kumasi Ghana   Tanker Truck with Pesticide Sprayer 80m  with ce certificate top quality low price

Water  made in China - replacement parts -   3 point tiller gearbox   Kumasi Ghana   Tanker Truck with Pesticide Sprayer 80m  with ce certificate top quality low price

Water  made in China - replacement parts -   3 point tiller gearbox   Kumasi Ghana   Tanker Truck with Pesticide Sprayer 80m  with ce certificate top quality low price

Water  made in China - replacement parts -   3 point tiller gearbox   Kumasi Ghana   Tanker Truck with Pesticide Sprayer 80m  with ce certificate top quality low price