special motor for speed-reducing YB3

1.Motor Introduction
YB3 series explosion proof three-phase asynchronous motor is the basic explosion proof motor product that is developed by combining current market and domestic explosion proof motor industry. Basing on YB3 basic series motor, we may derive it into many kinds of explosion proof motors such as YB2-W outdoor type.YB3-WTH outdoor humid&tropic type etc.

YB3  series ie2 standard Explosion-proof electric motor motor with CE certification
Technical parameters:
1.Frame size:H63~355
2.Rated power:0.18KW~355KW
3.Rated voltage:220/380/660V or on request

4.Rated Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz;
5. Poles: 2
6. Speed: 2970r/min,1450RPM,980RPM,730RPM,590RPM

7. Ambient Temperature: -15°C-40°C
8. Model of CONEECTION: Y-Connection for under 3 KW motor while Delta-Connection for above 4KW motor;
9. Mounting:  B3; B35; B34; B14; B5; V1;

10. Current: 82A (AC);
11. Duty: continuous (S1);
12. Insulation Class:  F;

13. Protection Class:  IP55;
14. Cooling Method: IC411;
15. Altitude: No more than 1,000 meters above sea level;
16. Packing: 63-132 frame be packaged by carton&pallets
160-355 frame be packaged by plywood case;