China Factory 2000 Liter Pump Sprayer and Agricultural Tractor PTO Shaft for Sale

High-Efficiency 2000 Liter Agricultural Sprayer with Tractor PTO Shaft

Product Description

This high-capacity 2000L trailed sprayer is meticulously designed for large-scale agricultural operations. Constructed from high-density polyethylene, it ensures durability and longevity. Requiring a tractor with at least 35 horsepower for traction, it is a robust solution for efficient spraying. The system integrates a diaphragm pump, a fan deflector, a 2000L medicine box, a wheeled chassis, and 16 precision nozzles.


With its 2000L large-capacity medicine box, this sprayer can cover approximately 5 acres per hour, significantly boosting work efficiency. The sprayer is driven by the tractor’s rear output shaft, ensuring seamless operation. Designed for orchards with crops such as peaches, pears, apples, jujube, and walnuts, it is ideal for plantations with a 4-meter planting distance and sufficient U-turn space.


Item Parameter
Model Q2000
Supporting Power 50 hp above
Operating Pressure 1.5-2.5 (mpa)
Volume 2000L
Rated Power/Speed 500-600 r/min
Drug Pumps Diaphragm Pump
Flow 26-100 (L/min)
Stirring Method Back Water Stir
Fan Radius 1000 mm
Nozzle Number 16
Dimensions 2850*1550*1500 (mm)
Efficiency About 4-5 acres/hour
Spray Radius 6-8m
Operating Pressure Adjustable

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1. What kind of tractor is required for the 2000L sprayer?
A: A tractor with a minimum of 35 horsepower is required to operate the 2000L sprayer efficiently.

2. How much area can the sprayer cover per hour?
A: The sprayer can cover approximately 4-5 acres per hour, making it highly efficient for large-scale operations.

3. What materials are used for the sprayer’s construction?
A: The sprayer is made from high-density polyethylene, ensuring durability and resistance to chemicals.

4. What types of crops is the sprayer suitable for?
A: It is ideal for orchards with crops such as peaches, pears, apples, jujube, and walnuts.

5. Can customers request customizations for the sprayer?
A: Yes, customers are welcome to customize drawings and samples to meet their specific requirements.

PTO Shaft Guide

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Introduction to the Performance Characteristics of PTO Shaft

The PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft is an essential component in various machinery, providing a reliable means to transfer mechanical power. Its performance characteristics are noteworthy:

– **Torque Transmission:** The PTO shaft efficiently transmits torque, ensuring that connected machinery operates at optimal power levels.
– **Durability:** Constructed from high-strength materials, PTO shafts withstand significant mechanical stresses and harsh operating conditions.
– **Versatility:** Suitable for various applications, PTO shafts can be adapted to different types of equipment.
– **Safety Features:** Equipped with protective guards and safety mechanisms to prevent accidents and enhance operational safety.
– **Ease of Maintenance:** Designed for easy disassembly and reassembly, facilitating straightforward maintenance and repairs.

Types and Characteristics of PTO Shaft

PTO shafts come in different types, each with unique characteristics:

– **Standard PTO Shafts:** Commonly used in agricultural and industrial applications, featuring a straightforward design for general-purpose use.
– **Telescoping PTO Shafts:** Allow for length adjustment, accommodating varying distances between machinery and power source.
– **High-Speed PTO Shafts:** Designed for applications requiring high rotational speeds, ensuring efficient power transmission.
– **Heavy-Duty PTO Shafts:** Built for robust applications, handling higher torque and power loads.

Advantages of PTO Shaft Made of Different Materials

The material composition of PTO shafts significantly influences their performance:

– **Steel PTO Shafts:** Known for their high strength and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.
– **Aluminum PTO Shafts:** Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, ideal for marine and outdoor applications.
– **Composite PTO Shafts:** Offer a balance of strength and weight, along with excellent resistance to environmental factors.

Applications of PTO Shaft in Various Fields

PTO shafts find extensive applications across multiple sectors:

– **Agricultural Machinery:** Essential for tractors and harvesters, enabling efficient operation of plowing, tilling, and baling equipment.
– **Construction Equipment:** Powers machinery such as concrete mixers and earthmovers, enhancing productivity on construction sites.
– **Industrial Equipment:** Facilitates the operation of machinery in manufacturing and processing plants, contributing to industrial efficiency.
– **Marine Equipment:** Integral to the functioning of winches and cranes on ships, ensuring reliable maritime operations.
– **Forestry Equipment:** Powers equipment like wood chippers and log splitters, supporting effective forestry management.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities of PTO Shaft Products

The PTO shaft industry is poised for significant advancements:

– **Technological Innovations:** Emphasis on incorporating smart technologies and IoT to enhance monitoring and control of PTO shafts.
– **Sustainable Materials:** Development of eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability.
– **Enhanced Safety Features:** Continuous improvement in safety mechanisms to minimize accidents and ensure operator safety.
– **Customization:** Growing demand for customized PTO shafts tailored to specific application requirements.

How to Choose a Suitable PTO Shaft

Selecting the right PTO shaft involves several considerations:

– **Determine Application Requirements:** Identify the specific needs of your machinery and the tasks it performs.
– **Evaluating Power Requirements:** Assess the power output needed to ensure the PTO shaft can handle the workload.
– **Check Speed and Torque Specifications:** Ensure the PTO shaft matches the speed and torque requirements of your equipment.
– **Measuring the Length of the Shaft:** Accurately measure the distance between the power source and the machinery to select the correct shaft length.
– **Evaluate Connection Type:** Check the compatibility of the PTO shaft with your machinery’s connection points.
– **Check Safety Features:** Ensure the PTO shaft includes necessary safety features to protect operators and equipment.


The PTO shaft is a pivotal component in various sectors, offering reliable torque transmission, durability, and versatility. Understanding its types and material advantages helps in selecting the appropriate PTO shaft for specific applications. With ongoing advancements and a focus on customization, the future of PTO shaft technology looks promising, ensuring enhanced performance and safety. Proper selection based on application requirements, power, speed, and safety features is crucial for optimal operation.

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